Who Is A Good Candidate for VPRO?

Who Is A Good Candidate for VPRO?


VPRO is a product that can be used during orthodontic treatment to accelerate your results. Patients who use VPRO can shorten their orthodontic treatment times significantly, up to 50% in some cases. If you are just beginning your braces or Invisalign journey, consider using VPRO to improve your experience.

What is VPRO?

An VPRO device delivers pulsating energy directly to your teeth and jaw. The mild vibrations help to loosen the support tissues for the teeth so that they can be more easily shifted. VPRO has been FDA approved for use by orthodontic patients of all ages. More and more orthodontists are recommending this treatment as it gains popularity due to the positive results patients are experiencing.

How Does VPRO Work?

VPRO is most effective when worn for about 20 minutes a day. The device is completely hands free so you can wear it while you work, use your computer, or just relax in front of the TV. You simply place the mouthpiece over your teeth and turn on the device. Micropulses will gently ease the tension of the jaw bone and connective tissues that hold the teeth in place, allowing them to shift more fluidly with the force of orthodontic treatment.

Benefits of VPRO

VPRO offers many benefits when used during orthodontic treatment:

  • Cut treatment time in half. Patients have experienced a 40-50% reduction in treatment time when VPRO was used throughout the duration of treatment and according to instructions.
  • Experience less discomfort. The vibrations provided by VPRO can ease discomfort caused by the shifting of teeth and reduce the overall severity of orthodontic related tenderness.
  • Improve oral health. During orthodontic treatment your risk of tooth decay and gum disease increases due to the equipment on your teeth that can trap food particles and plaque. VPRO vibrations can reduce these risks and improve your oral health.

Am I a Good Candidate for VPRO?

Anyone who is undergoing orthodontic treatment is a candidate for VPRO. Patients of all ages can experience the benefits of this device, including children, teens, and adults.

VPRO is especially helpful for adults. The fact that adults’ jaws are no longer growing and their teeth are more set in place can make treatment take longer in adulthood than in adolescence. But VPRO can help shorten adult orthodontic treatment by loosening the hold the support structures have on the teeth, making them easier to shift into proper alignment.

Frequently Asked Questions About VPRO

If I’m using VPRO do I still wear my Invisalign aligners as much?

Don’t change anything about how you wear your aligners without talking to your orthodontist. We may recommend a different schedule after we see how VPRO works for you. Keep following the schedule your orthodontist gave you until otherwise instructed.

Does VPRO require batteries?

Your VPRO device is rechargeable, so you will not need to purchase batteries. It is easy to charge and compact for traveling.

Where Can I Get VPRO?

If you’re interested in trying VPRO, Demko Orthodontics can help you get started. We may recommend VPRO to any and all patients who are interested in speeding up their treatment. Adults especially enjoy the benefits of a shorter time in braces or Invisalign.

To learn more, contact us today and schedule an appointment.