She told me point blank that it was the best thing I’ve ever done since we’ve been together, and I agree with her. Dr. Demko said 'here’s exactly what I’m gonna do', and I looked at her and said no, I’m very skeptical. I said - I don’t think so. I actually gone to a person a year before I saw her, and they wanted to break both my jaws. They told me they needed to break both my jaws to…and I looked at the guy and said, there’s not a chance in the world I would get anything broken to straighten my teeth. And then I came here and she said this is what we can do. It went from a painful situation to a real easy situation, and I went, Wow, I don’t believe you. And she said, 'this is what I can do'. And I’m a believer. Believe me. Anything she’s ever asked me to do for her, I’ve done because I believe in this very very much. It’s remarkable.

When I first came to Jackie’s, I was really scared…I didn’t want anyone talking about my teeth. And I don’t know why, but I have really bad anxiety about my teeth…But Jackie’s been really nice, and helped me through all my procedures and made sure that I wasn’t scared with any of them. That’s been the best part. That I’m not scared of my teeth anymore.

She’s awesome. She never feels like you’re taking up her time. She always feels available to you. In fact, right after I had my expander put in, I had gone through a period of pain. And I came in, and she looked at it in an emergency basis. When I left, she had written down her personal cell phone number in case I had any problems…And that to me was above and beyond anything I expected her to do.