Propel VPro Orthodontic Accelerator

Demko Smiles offers Propel VPro to accelerate orthodontic treatment in Chesterfield, St. Charles & Washington, MO. Contact us to learn more or schedule your appointment today.

What is VPro?

VPro by Propel is a device that can accelerate orthodontic treatment. When used in conjunction with clear aligner systems, VPro can reduce your treatment time by as much as 50%. The device provides a high-frequency vibration that allows the teeth to be moved more effectively by the aligners. Just 5 minutes of VPro use per day provides significant benefits for your orthodontic treatment. 

Benefits of VPro

There are many benefits to using VPro with your clear aligners: 

  • Accelerates treatment. When used according to your orthodontist’s instructions, VPro can speed up your treatment, potentially reducing your treatment time by as much as half. 

  • Improves aligner fit. VPro can help your aligners to fit better against your teeth for greater comfort and improved results. 

  • Reduces office visits. You may have less frequent office visits when using VPro, because your aligners work more effectively and require less monitoring.  

  • Relieves discomfort. The discomfort you may experience when wearing your first aligner or when you switch to each new aligner can be reduced by the high-frequency vibrations of VPro. 

  • Only requires 5 minutes a day. VPro only requires 5 minutes of use per day to achieve all of the above benefits.

Are You a Good Candidate for VPro?

If you are beginning orthodontic treatment with a clear aligner system, such as Invisalign, you may be a good candidate for VPro. Your orthodontist may recommend VPro to help you accelerate your results and reduce your discomfort. VPro is especially helpful for adults whose teeth are set in place and tend to be more difficult to move, but it is also effective for children and teens.

Why Choose Demko Orthodontics?

Demko Orthodontics provides the latest technology in orthodontic treatment. Our patients are our top priority, and technological advancements make orthodontics more effective and more comfortable. With 3 convenient locations, our services are available in Chesterfield, St. Charles, and Washington, allowing us to provide treatment to a wide variety of patients. 

At the initial evaluation, we will assess the current position of the patient’s teeth and provide a recommendation for treatment. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your own goals and your child’s goals for orthodontic care. We listen as much as we talk so that you can make an informed decision about treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does VPro work?

VPro consists of a mouthpiece you bite down on and hold between your teeth that is connected to a battery powered device. It delivers a high frequency vibration that slightly loosens the support structures for the teeth so that they are easier to move. 

How do I clean my VPro?

Simply disconnect the mouthpiece from the vibration device and rinse it under cool water. The battery powered portion should be kept out of and away from water as much as possible.

Should I wear my aligners while using VPro?

Yes, the device is meant to be used while wearing your aligners so that it can help them settle onto the teeth more effectively and accelerate your treatment.

How often should I use VPro?

VPro works best when used daily for 5 minutes. Any time of the day is fine, so just choose a time that works for you. It can be part of your morning or nighttime routine, or you can use it while watching TV each day.

Does it take time to get used to the VPro vibrations?

It may take a few uses before the vibrations feel normal. The VPro starts at a lower frequency and gradually increases to make the sensation easier to get used to. 

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