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What Is AcceleDent?

AcceleDent is a small FDA-cleared device that can shorten the time you need to wear braces or use Invisalign. It uses soft energy pulses to accelerate tooth movement, increasing the efficiency of braces and Invisalign treatment.

The patient needs to wear AcceleDent for only 20 minutes per day. It is hands-free, so you can read, use your phone or computer, or watch TV with the device in your mouth. Orthodontic patients of all ages can use the system.

Benefits of AcceleDent

Shortens Orthodontic Treatment Time

One of the most significant benefits of AcceleDent is the reduction in treatment time. Some patients may experience a 40 to 50 percent reduction in the time needed to complete orthodontic treatment.

Reduces Discomfort Associated With Orthodontic Care

The gentle pulses help to move teeth more efficiently, meaning that braces adjustments and Invisalign tray changes cause less discomfort.

Improves Overall Dental Health

In addition to its orthodontic benefits, the AcceleDent device can also improve your oral health by reducing your chance of cavities, white spots, and gum inflammation.

Are You a Good Candidate for AcceleDent?

Patients of all ages see benefits from using AcceleDent. Adults find it especially helpful because they want their orthodontic treatment to be as quick, efficient, and comfortable as possible.

Why Choose Demko Orthodontics?

Our office provides advanced orthodontic care in a friendly, welcoming setting. Our expert orthodontist continually studies the best ways to achieve treatment goals. Using AcceleDent, we can make your treatment time as quick and comfortable as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About AcceleDent

How do I wear AcceleDent?

The AcceleDent mouthpiece fits over your existing aligners or braces. It will help your teeth move faster by emitting gentle micropulses. Wear it for 20 minutes daily, but not while you are sleeping.

Is AcceleDent rechargeable?

Yes, the device plugs in to recharge, saving batteries and the environment. When your treatment is over, dispose of it as you would any device with a rechargeable battery. Do not give your device to someone else.

Is AcceleDent safe?

AcceleDent has undergone extensive testing and has received full FDA approval to shorten orthodontic treatment times. Children and adults can use it.

How long should I use AcceleDent?

You can use AcceleDent for the entire duration of your treatment with braces or aligners. The system will speed up your treatment time by as much as 50 percent.

What does the AcceleDent device feel like?

It produces gentle vibrations somewhere between your smartphone and a power toothbrush. Using AcceleDent is easy, and you will not experience pain or discomfort.

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