How Much Does Orthognathic Surgery Cost in Missouri?

How Much Does Orthognathic Surgery Cost in Missouri?

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How much does orthognathic surgery cost in Missouri? Here’s what you can expect. Orthognathic surgery refers to surgical procedures used in conjunction with orthodontic treatment to improve bite alignment. In some cases orthodontic treatment alone is not effective at correcting problems with the teeth and jaw, and surgical intervention is needed. 

If orthognathic surgery has been recommended for you or your child, you probably have a variety of questions, such as the cost of the procedure. 

What is Orthognathic Surgery? 

Orthognathic surgery refers to surgery performed on the jaw. It can include the upper or lower jaw, and sometimes both. The purpose is to reshape the jaw so that the upper and lower rows of teeth meet together properly. 

Average Cost of Orthognathic Surgery

The total cost of orthognathic surgery without insurance may range somewhere between $20,000 and $40,000

Does Insurance Cover Orthognathic Surgery?

Medical insurance will typically cover orthognathic surgery if it is necessary for health reasons and is not being done for cosmetic purposes. The exact cost of the procedure will depend on your insurance coverage and other factors. 

Factors That Affect the Cost of Orthognathic Surgery 

There are a number of factors that contribute to the total cost of orthognathic surgery for an individual: 

  • Complexity of the surgery. The more complex your surgery will be, the higher the cost. If surgery will include both the upper and lower jaw, the cost will be more than if it was one or the other. 
  • Where the surgery will take place. The type of medical facility where your surgery will be done will affect the cost. A hospital setting tends to cost more than a private oral surgery facility.  
  • In-patient vs Out-patient. An in-patient surgery will take place in a hospital setting with the understanding that you will be staying at least one night. An out-patient surgery means you will go home the same day following your procedure. In-patient surgery costs more than out-patient surgery because of the time and care required. 
  • Time spent in hospital. The total number of days you spend in the hospital will affect the cost of your procedure. 
  • Experience and qualifications of your surgeon. An oral surgeon who is highly qualified with many years of experience may charge more for their services, but you can rest assured that you are in good hands. 

Is Orthognathic Surgery Necessary?

If your orthodontist has recommended orthognathic surgery, it is typically in your best interest to have the procedure. The next step is a consultation with an oral surgeon who will most likely agree that surgery is necessary. 

Severe bite misalignment can cause a variety of dental and other health problems:

  • Ineffective chewing. Bite misalignment can make it difficult to chew effectively, which can negatively affect digestion. 
  • TMJ disorder. When the upper and lower jaws are out of alignment it can put excess strain on the temporomandibular joints, resulting in TMJ disorder. 
  • Sleep apnea. Jaw malformations can lead to sleep apnea, meaning that breathing is obstructed while sleeping. 
  • Speech difficulties. Improper bite alignment can cause a delay in speech development and other speech difficulties. 
  • Damage to the teeth. When the upper and lower rows of teeth don’t meet together properly it can cause damage to the teeth, such as premature wearing down of the enamel. 

Orthognathic surgery can eliminate or prevent these health issues and more. There are lifelong health benefits to having orthognathic surgery when it is recommended by your orthodontist and oral surgeon. 

Why Choose Demko Orthodontics?

Demko Orthodontics works closely with oral surgeons to provide the necessary orthodontic treatment before and after surgery. Orthodontic treatment prepares the way for orthognathic surgery so that it is as effective as possible. After surgery, additional orthodontic treatment may be needed to ensure that the teeth are in the optimal position. Our goal is to provide you with the care you need to have a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. 

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